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"Get into Meklit." - VIBE MAGAZINE

"With her latest masterpiece, Meklit has affirmed her place among her childhood heroes: at the shining crossroads of two cultures, making truly moving music."  - POPMATTERS

"One of the best albums of 2017, bar none." NEW YORK MUSIC DAILY

"One for the summer playlist." THE SUNDAY TIMES, UK

"To understand Meklit’s story, you must first place yourself in front of a map and open up your ears. It’s only then that her music can hit you with full force—and trust us, when it does, you’ll be happy you’re knocked off your feet." - DIG BOSTON

- "...a rare artist...The album comprises knotted, earnest ruminations on finding one’s self, finding one’s loves, and anthems for the very act of making music... creating something compelling and wholly her own" - AFROPOP

"This album is like the explosion of wildflowers that has overrun California with color and texture." - 48 HILLS

“You may not have heard Meklit's music before, but once you do, it’ll be tough to forget. Her sound is a unique blend of jazz, Ethiopia, the San Francisco art scene and visceral poetry; it paints pictures in your head as you listen.” -  NPR

Meklit delivers a sound all her own. - USA TODAY

"Her afro reaching towards the sun, her voice swimming its way across borders, Meklit blends sounds and sayings of her native Ethiopia with a style that evokes the nuanced windings of black American jazz and soul... We Are Alive [is] a stunning medley of songs that showcase Meklit’s growth since her 2010 debut, On A Day Like This." -  MTV IGGY

“Soulful, tremulous and strangely cinematic, Hadero’s voice will implant scenes in your mind — a softly lit supperclub, a Brooklyn stoop, a sun-baked road. Close your eyes, listen and dream. - SEATTLE TIMES

"A blithe-voiced daughter of Joni who considers music a path to higher ground, with rest stops for the likes of Talking Heads and Lou Reed." – THE VILLAGE VOICE

"Meklit is a local treasure if there ever was one. The Ethiopian-born, Bay Area-dwelling songstress blends African and American blues, jazz and folk sounds with a constantly surprising level of grace and magnetism." -KQED SAN FRANCISCO

Meklit's Kemekem video is listed as a top African track/video on two BBC roundups + OkayAfrica + BeeHype + MAPP Africa

"Here comes a delightful music superstar with substance... I love the raw ambition of the “We Are Alive” album – the preposterousness, the simplicity and also the fundamental intelligence. If champagne were a person it would be Meklit." - ROOMS MAGAZINE UK

"Brilliant." - NEW YORK MAGAZINE

"...if you have any doubts that the musical styles of East Africa and the Bay Area can be melded with equal parts grit and grace, she'll knock them right out of you with vocals, horns and percussion — such exhilarating, heartbeat-propelling percussion — by the time the first chorus comes around." - NPR

"You Need to Hear Meklit’s Ethiopian Cover of The Roots’ Classic “You Got Me” - OKAY AFRICA

"When The People Move The Music Moves Too – gorgeous, gorgeous new record by the wildly talented @meklitmusic." - MARIA POPOVA, BRAINPICKINGS

- "Meklit has had a wide-ranging career, with audacious and rewarding forays into pop, jazz... soul and singer-songwriter styles... But here she has an album that, more than anything Meklit had done before, caught the fullness of vision and talents." - KPCC LOS ANGELES

"From her Bay Area outpost, Meklit has served as a lighthouse of sorts, refracting American funk and soul through her Ethiopian background....Now more than ever, we need strong and bold people in music. Her rhythms and melodic storytelling are infectious and she’s unafraid to draw from her elders." - OWL MAGAZINE

"...A 21st-century iteration of Ethio-jazz by way of the Bay Area, a soul-steeped sound built on percussion, horns and Meklit’s unmistakably translucent, fresh-water vocals." - SAN JOSE MERCURY NEWS

"A wildly groovy style of music." - ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY


"Last night at Lincoln Center, Meklit came to conquer. Rocking a sassy kente cloth skirt and black top, the ex-Brooklynite Ethio-jazz belter bounded and whirled across the stage, singing in both English and Amharic, leading a tight six-piece band through a passionate, fiery, subtly relevant mix of mostly new songs from her forthcoming album When the People Move, the Music Moves Too.... she’s found new vocal power in her low register, and commands the stage like never before." - NEW YORK MUSIC DAILY, Performance Review

"Meklit… combines N.Y. jazz with West Coast folk and African flourishes, all bound together by her beguiling voice, which is part sunshine and part cloudy day.” - FILTER MAGAZINE

"Lilting, sensuous, capable of the leap from staccato jazz-cat to honeyed songbird, she conveys both fragility and great strength in a single line" – SAN FRANCISCO BAY GUARDIAN (*cover story)


“Meklit is one of those rare artists with the power to bridge genres, geography and generations.” -GOOGLE MUSIC

I've been listening to Meklit for days. This new album will INVOLVE you! – NPR's ANN POWERS

"Blown away by "We Are Alive," the new album by @meklitmusic, one of the greatest jazz singer-songwriters of our time." - MARIA POPOVA, BRAIN PICKINGS


Meklit has had features in

USA Today, the Wall St. Journal, NPR (2010 + 2014), WBEZ (2012 + 2014), WNYC, KEXP Seattle, Chicago Sun Times, PBS, PRI’s The World (2010 + 2014), Time Out New York, BBC Radio 4 - Front Row (2015) + Women's Hour (2013), BBC World Service - Focus on Africa (2013 + 2015) + BBC World Service - Arts Daily, Arise TV, San Francisco Chronicle: cover story + cover of 96 Hours Arts section, San Francisco Bay Guardian - cover story, Le Presse (Montreal), The Stranger (Seattle), MTV Iggy, OkayAfrica, The Village Voice, Google Music, Relix Magazine, Pidgeons and Planes, and many many more.

Reviews/Previews in The New Yorker, New York Times, Seattle Times, Seattle Weekly, National Geographic World Music, Huffington Post, Filter Magazine, San Francisco Magazine, and many more.